Vulnerability analysis

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Analysis of your security concepts

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Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are increasingly the target of burglaries, inventory damage and cyber attacks. In addition to the theft or destruction of customer data, they are particularly affected by business interruptions. Cyberattacks are often only discovered by chance when they have already caused damage.

Statistics prove:

  • Over one million of the approximately 3.5 million SMEs affected each year
  • Damage costs 95,000 euros on average

As an external security service provider, we evaluate your existing security concept from the outside and check its efficiency. We uncover weak points and help you to close existing security gaps in the long term. We do not aim to install our own security services, but to optimise your existing security concept in the long term.

Analysis of your branches

MAN optimises your safety standard

With a checklist tailored to the company, we check your branches or suppliers at irregular intervals. In this way, weak points can be uncovered and preventive measures can be implemented.

Through employee audits and loss prevention training, we ensure that all employees in all branches are on the same level.

The aim of this service is to produce more security by having all branches and suppliers follow uniform quality and security standards to protect you from financial loss, as well as to uncover the reasons for inventory discrepancies.

As an external and independent security company, we inspect your branches with specially trained staff. This guarantees an objective assessment from all security-relevant points of view. In contrast to internal audits by your own employees, we work closely with your branch management to uncover irregularities and irregularities and forward them unfiltered to the company headquarters in specially prepared reports.

Vulnerability analysis

Certified security service provider

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As a client you know, thanks to our DIN 77200 and DIN ISO 9001 certification, that you will receive security from us that meets the highest professional standards.

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