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The company

MAN Sicherheit is a security company based in Hilden near Düsseldorf (NRW). The company was founded in 2016 and has steadily developed and established itself on the market as a security service provider. The company's management has over 35 years of experience in the security sector. As its core business, the company MAN Sicherheit has specialised in personal and escort protection, site and property protection, vulnerability analysis and investigations.

The management

Mirko Anastasov

The founder

Mirko Anastasov started his career in security in 2010 in the field of event security. There he acted as an operations manager at exclusive events or looked after prominent or exposed personalities.

In addition to his work in event protection, he successfully completed several security and personal protection trainings, so that he has been constantly working as a security driver and bodyguard for VIPs, exposed families, entrepreneurs and board members since 2014. In 2016 he founded MAN Sicherheitsdienste.

The 207cm tall former professional basketball player and member of the DBB junior national team as well as the 1st Bundesliga was able to perfectly integrate his virtues acquired in the sporting past such as discipline, ambition, assertiveness and determination into the company philosophy.

In addition to the business management and the further development of the company, his sphere of activity extends to the areas of personal protection, exclusive events and red carpet events as well as investigations/vulnerability analysis at home and abroad.

Christian Kritzler

The primary rock

Christian Kritzler started his career in security in 1988 in the field of event and concert security as well as tour escort for German bands.

Since 2017, working as a personnel dispatcher, property and operations manager for MAN Sicherheitsdienste.

The 200 cm tall former football player (1. Bundesliga and GFL) was able to integrate perfectly into the MAN company philosophy with his virtues acquired in 22 seasons such as discipline, ambition, assertiveness and determination.

After successfully completing several security training courses, as well as personal protection training, he has been working successfully since 1998 as an operations and area manager in the security sectors of property protection, hotel security, event protection, public transport and personal and escort protection, among others.

Despite his now 35 years of professional experience, he always kept an eye on the constantly evolving security market, adapting to new insights and combining them with tried and tested approaches.

In addition to personnel planning, quality management and order implementation, his sphere of activity includes the areas of plant and property protection, as well as hotel security.

Our employees

A strong team for sure

A company is only as good as its employees. We see our employees as the business card of our company. Only a company with satisfied employees can work successfully in the long run.

Teamwork, reliability, honesty and mutual respect therefore form the basis of our personnel policy. Our staff are prepared for the specifics of each assignment in detailed individual interviews.

We only work with qualified and experienced staff with impeccable criminal records and a good reputation. Professional competence, commitment, a well-groomed appearance and good manners are the basic requirements we place on our employees.

The security training of the IHK according to §34a GewO is mandatory in order to be admitted as a security guard. Through a wide range of further training opportunities, we also give our employees the chance to continuously educate themselves and thus expand their skills.

Carefully selected cooperation partners

Stronger together

Carefully selected partners assist us in the implementation of our services. Reliability, experience and the necessary know-how are basic prerequisites for us to be able to implement security services on our behalf.

We also have a large network of experienced freelancers. These are predominantly former members of special police or military units. This ensures the handling of special assignments at the highest level.

It goes without saying that we clarify with the client whether the use of partner companies or freelancers is legitimate before processing the order.


Tested quality

As a client you know, thanks to our DIN 77200 and DIN ISO 9001 certification, that you will receive security from us that meets the highest professional standards.

The DEKRA certification according to DIN 77200 is a certification that is specifically valid for the security industry and proves the quality of the individual security services and the qualification of the security staff for the individual areas. It was developed by subject-specific committees and defines basic standards for security services. This creates transparency and sustainability for clients.

Particularly in view of the large number of security companies on the market, industry-specific certification in accordance with DIN 77200 is important in order to recognise that a transparent, reputable and future-oriented security service provider is involved.

The implementation of a reliable QM system supports companies in improving the necessary processes, optimising workflows and making the demands on organisation and management more efficient. For our customers, this makes all process steps even more comprehensible and transparent.


Successful for renowned customers for years

For reasons of discretion, we do not disclose the names of our clients from the private and business sectors.

Places of operation so far

MAN Sicherheitsdiente is also on duty for you worldwide if required

Here is a selection of where we have worked so far:

Berlin Germany
Düsseldorf Germany
Frankfurt Germany
Hamburg Germany
Cologne Germany
Munich Germany
Stuttgart Germany
Rotterdam Netherlands
Amsterdam Netherlands
Lake Geneva (Évian-les-Bains) France
Madrid Spain
Belgrade Serbia
Istanbul Turkey

Certified security service provider

Tested quality you can rely on

As a client you know, thanks to our DIN 77200 and DIN ISO 9001 certification, that you will receive security from us that meets the highest professional standards.

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