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We accompany you as bodyguards as well as security drivers at conferences, on the way to work, travelling or to appointments. For us, personal protection for companies and corporations means more than just a security service. We know how our clients live, think and feel. That is why discretion is our top priority. In close cooperation with your personal assistants, we plan and organise your daily out-of-office appointments. In this way we can contribute to a smooth daily routine. We see ourselves not only as a security escort, but also act as a link. Our many years of experience in looking after renowned board members of DAX companies make us a reliable and confident contact for your executives. At the same time, we take great care to ensure that our employees not only fit you professionally, but also interpersonally. Daily coordination with your property and plant security, as well as regular close contact with the responsible authorities, rounds off the MAN Sicherheit concept.

Personal & family protection private

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The professional or social position of exposed personalities usually puts close relatives and families in the crosshairs of criminals. On average, 80 people are kidnapped in Germany every year. Due to the frightening instructions of the perpetrators, the number of unreported cases is considerably higher, as the police are sometimes not even called in because of fear. To avoid copycat offenders, most cases are not made public by the investigating authorities. In 2022, 13,877 cases of extortion were recorded by the police in Germany (source: We drive you and your children, accompany you to private and professional appointments or other activities. Integrating yourself into an existing family group as a security measure requires a great deal of tact. It is clear to us that only hand-picked and reliable specialists who also fit in with you on a personal level come into question. Effective security measures not only deter criminals, but also strengthen the sense of security of your relatives and family. MAN has been working successfully for entrepreneurial families in Germany for years. On request, we can locate you at any time with the support of state-of-the-art GPS tracking and security technology.

We can complete your security service with the following additional services:

  • Indirect and direct personal protection
  • Escort at home and abroad
  • Chauffeur services
  • Route reconnaissance / object reconnaissance
  • State-of-the-art GPS tracking technology
  • Infrared camera technology
  • Motion detector
  • Burglar alarm system
  • Hazard and vulnerability analysis

All services are also available armed.


MAN monitors discreetly in the background

For special target groups, a holistic personal protection measure is out of the question for certain reasons. For this group of people, a special, more discreet type of personal protection is suitable. A measure specifically adapted for this purpose is the so-called reconnaissance. By reconnaissance we mean the early recognition and elimination of possible dangerous situations. Here, the reconnaissance officer works in the background, if necessary after a risk analysis tailored to the protected person, to analyse the circumstances, to plan escape routes, to check and identify possible danger spots, and to avert a present danger. If necessary, the spotter can also take over the tasks of an immediate personal protector at short notice. The spotter accompanies the protected person discreetly in the background and can intervene immediately in the event of a threat occurring, thus ensuring your safety by averting the danger and initiating an immediate evacuation or escape.

Our recommendation to ensure the best possible protection is a combination of holistic personal protection and reconnaissance.

VIP personal security

MAN as an umbrella in a flurry of flashes

Whether it's pushy fans, paparazzi, autograph and selfie hunters, with MAN you can overcome any challenge, because we make your challenge our challenge. We secure you when you want to allow closeness or shield you when you need privacy. MAN takes you from A to B, if necessary also to Z. Statistics show that the propensity to violence towards media representatives is continuously increasing. Representative statistics show a frightening increase in attacks on media representatives.

2019: 14 attacks on media professionals
2020: 69 attacks on media professionals
2021: 83 attacks on media professionals

But also artists, athletes, actors or other prominent public figures are noticing more and more that the inhibition threshold of fans and press on the hunt for the perfect photo or souvenir has fallen extremely. We protect you in all public areas and in all situations. We accompany you on tour, to events, filming, training or other public appearances. Among other things, we make sure that you still have enough space in case of sudden fan crowds, that no photos are taken in backstage areas, or that you are taken out of critical situations as soon as they arise.

Stalker protection

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Stalking is a steadily growing problem in Germany. The number of cases of stalking recorded by the police in Germany was 18,905 in 2019 and has already risen to 21,432 cases in 2022 (source: However, this is only the number of unreported cases recorded by the police. The actual number of harassment cases is much higher. Fear, helplessness and shame are often reasons why stalking is not reported. In most cases, the hands of the police are tied because the harassment is difficult to prove. By hiring MAN you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, we observe you and your private and professional environment discreetly in the background, so that in the event of harassment, further damage to your person can be averted through quick intervention. On the other hand, by documenting every incident, MAN can collect evidence that can be used in court and by the police. This helps you considerably to render your stalker harmless in the long run.

Personal & Escort Protection

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