Corporate & Group Security

Effective business protection

Plant & property protection

MAN monitors your factory premises

We provide optimal protection and the greatest possible security for your facilities. From smaller private and commercial premises to extensive company complexes. With many years of experience and flexible deployment, we develop suitable security concepts in coordination with your requirements and needs.

Our services in the area of plant and property protection include:

  • Plant Security / Corporate Security
  • Gatekeeping
  • Video surveillance
  • Housesitting
  • Burglar alarm systems
  • Patrol
  • Fire watches & fire alarm systems
  • Hall & site supervision
  • Site supervision
  • Corporate protection

Reception & porter service

MAN as your reliable doorman

Being able to rely on an experienced and reliable reception and gate service simplifies your daily business. We see ourselves as the link between your company and all external events. Our hand-in-hand working philosophy allows you and your staff to concentrate on your core business.

Our reception and porter services include:

  • Greeting and recording your employees, visitors and guests
  • Vehicle access control
  • Key management and output documentation
  • Operating your switchboard
  • Acceptance and coordination of your parcels and deliveries, as well as incoming and outgoing mail
  • Opening and closing services
  • Administration and creation of visitor passes
  • Management of your meeting rooms
  • Management of vehicle pool and rental vehicles

Our reception and gate staff know how to represent your company. They see themselves as your business card. That is why customer identification is one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy.

Construction site security

MAN supports your construction project

Whether new construction, conversion or refurbishment. Whether small, medium or large construction site. MAN Sicherheitsdienste is a strong partner for the implementation of your construction project. We are aware that the trend in recent years in the field of construction site surveillance has shifted towards video surveillance technology. There are understandable advantages for construction companies that have driven this trend. However, these video surveillance systems cannot provide holistically satisfactory security. Only a combination of high-quality security staff and video technology can sustainably secure your construction project. For example, video technology serves as a means of securing evidence against vandalism and theft. These crimes are detected via motion detectors of the video technology, perpetrators are addressed via security centres and the police are informed. However, in most cases the response time until arrival on site is so high that the damage to the contractor cannot be averted. It is not uncommon for construction delays to result from the theft of materials or work equipment. Video technology also cannot cover the recognition and removal of danger spots, the enforcement of construction site rules, the recognition of preparatory acts, the regular control of construction site barriers and much more. The points listed below support you, also as a supplement to video technology, so that you can complete your construction project safely and on time.

Our construction site security services include:

  • Access control - creation of site visitor and day passes
  • Compliance with site regulations and safety requirements
  • Monitoring of the BMA and GMA
  • Operation of the access barrier (with entry and exit documentation)
  • Theft and vandalism prevention - Protection against unauthorised access through presence
  • Night surveillance incl. monitoring of the cameras and regular patrols
  • Administrative cooperation between construction company and security service, e.g. processing of incoming company and employee registration, administration of construction site forms, etc.
  • Documentation on delivery of material
  • Lift operator for delivery and removal of tools and material
  • Management of parcel and letter delivery

We have been working successfully in this field for years. Benefit from our experience.

Corporate & Group Security

Certified security service provider

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As a client you know, thanks to our DIN 77200 and DIN ISO 9001 certification, that you will receive security from us that meets the highest professional standards.

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